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How to Choose the Right GPS Receiver

There are many different GPS units for a large variety of uses. Which GPS receiver will be right for you will depend on your needs. Steps to Choosing the Right GPS Device Where and When - Determine where and when you will use the GPS receiver. There are GPS units designed for a variety of different uses and activities. Determine where and when you will use your … [Read more...]

Top 5 Bike Repair Stands

As an avid cyclist I have done a lot of research on bike repair stands. I used to use a home-made version of some of the bike stands listed below. However it became very frustrating to get any real work done on my bike and eventually I knew I had to get a proper bike repair stand that could offer better stability and features. Thankfully I did, as now doing … [Read more...]

Important Kayaking Accessories

If you are into kayaking or are thinking about trying some paddling trips there are a few key kayaking accessories that will make your trip not only safe but enjoyable as well. Although there is lots of gear that is optional, the below list is necessary for almost any kayak trip. Accessories That Every Kayaker Should Own PFD – Wearing a lifejacket can be … [Read more...]

Top Handheld GPS Benefits

GPS units of all kinds have become extremely popular in the last several years. No longer do we need to stop and ask for directions or have any idea at all where we are going for that matter. Whether you are driving, hiking, cycling, boating, kayaking or geocashing there is a GPS device that will suit your needs. A very popular type of unit is a handheld GPS … [Read more...]

Types of Bicycle Repair Stands

No longer do home mechanics have to use make-shift home-made repair stands to do adjustments and repairs to their bicycles. There are several options for good quality and versatile bicycle repair stands and many that come at a very affordable price. Deciding on which type of bicycle repair stand to purchase will depend on your needs. Consider: Where you will … [Read more...]

Handheld GPS Buyers Guide

If you have done much research on handheld GPS units you have likely realized that there are hundreds to choose from. Hopefully you have some idea as to what kind of GPS device will suit your needs best. Now it is just a matter of knowing exactly what features to look for. How Does a Handheld GPS Receiver Work? GPS stands for ‘Global Positioning System’. Handheld … [Read more...]

Why Use an Inflatable Kayak?

Many people who enjoy outdoor activities have tried kayaking but would you consider using an inflatable kayak? For those of us who love to travel, camp, hike and explore new things and new territory an inflatable kayak can be an extremely useful and convenient piece of sports equipment to own. 5 Great Reasons to Own an Inflatable Kayak Easy to Store Away – … [Read more...]

Park Tool PCS-10 Mechanic Bike Repair Stand Review

I have always loved cycling and for the last couple of years have been doing a fair amount of it with my brother… mostly on trails with a little bit of road biking. Both my brother and I have always done our own repairs but we never had a proper bike repair stand. Up until this point we were using a homemade bicycle repair stand that although we were quite proud of … [Read more...]

Garmin GPSMAP 76 Waterproof Handheld GPS Review

My friend Matt was interested in buying a waterproof handheld GPS for kayaking and asked my opinion on which one to get… assuming I would know as I am an avid kayaker. However the extent of my knowledge on GPS units was that I knew Garmin was the name to look for. The only reason I knew that was because last year I purchased a heart rate monitor for running and … [Read more...]

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Review

I have been kayaking for the last two decades and for the last five years I have been using an inflatable kayak. However the inflatable kayak that I own now is a tandem kayak and I wanted a solo inflatable kayak that I could paddle myself and use for traveling, camping and in general just outdoor fun. I knew from past research that there were quite a few great … [Read more...]