Best Bicycle Repair Book Ever

Already being a big fan of Park Tool it was a no brainer to check out their instruction guide as well.

The Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is a phenomenal guide that will explain in simple and easy terms how to repair just about any part of your bike.

It contains step-by-step instructions as well as excellent pictures and diagrams for repairing:

  • road bikes
  • mountain bikes
  • bmx bikes
  • single speed bikes
  • and everything in between

The latest version has been upgraded to include new topics, techniques and equipment. Written by Calvin Jones, the Park Tool Director of Education, the Big Blue Book is ideal for the novice right up to the expert home mechanic. In my opinion if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person and want to save money that would have otherwise been spent on a mechanic, this bicycle repair book is a must.

The absolute best price I have found is at for just under $20. It is totally affordable, especially considering how much is jammed packed into this book. At the time of this writing it has an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 32 reviewers at Amazon.

If you are already doing your own bike repairs or would like to learn how, this book is all you need. It is especially useful if you use a Park Tool Bike Stand.

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents so that you can get an idea as to what this book covers.

CHAPTER 1 – Basic Mechanical Skills
Threaded Fastener Tension & Torque
Lubrication, Thread Lockers, & Cleaners
Diagnosing Mechanical Problems
Tools and Tool Selection
Repair Stands
Home Shop Set Up

CHAPTER 2 – Tires & Tubes

Removing Wheels
Removing Tire & Tube from Rim
Inspecting the Inner Tube
Inspecting the Tire
Rim Strip
Repairing Inner Tubes
Pre-Glued Patch Repair
Repairing Inner Tubes with Self-Vulcanizing Patches
Inner Tube Sealants
Tire Liners
Temporary Repair of Tire with Tire Boot
Inner Tube Valves
Tire & Tube Sizing
Installing Tire & Tube on Wheel
Installing Wheels on Bike
Installing Front Wheels with Disc Brakes
Solid Axle Types
Through Axle System
Tubeless Systems
Tubular Tires

CHAPTER 3 – Hubs, Rear Sprockets

Cassette Sprocket Removal & Installation
Freewheel Sprocket Removal & Installation
Rear Sprocket Inspection & Cleaning
Fixed Gear

CHAPTER 4 – Hubs

Bearing Service-cup and cone adjustable
Disassembly-cup and cone adjustable hubs
Parts Inspection-cup and cone adjustable hubs
Assembly-cup and cone adjustable hubs
Hub Adjustment-cup and cone adjustable hubs
Hub Adjustment-Solid Axle-cup and cone
Campagnolo® and Shimano® Dura-Ace 7800 and 7801 Oversized Hub Service
Parts Inspection
Campagnolo® Oversized Axle and Shimano® 7800/7801
Freehub Removal & Installation
Cartridge Bearing Hubs
Mavic® Hub (Level 1 Type)

CHAPTER 5 – Wheel Truing

Wheel Truing Overview
Truing Procedures
Lateral Truing
Radial Truing
Wheel Centering (Dishing)
Spoke Tension
Replacing Broken or Damaged Spokes
Wheel Wear, Damage & Repair

CHAPTER 6 – Pedals

Pedal Removal
Pedal Installation
Damage to Crank Pedal Threads
Pedal Bearing Service
Shimano® Pedals-axle-bearing assembly type
Shimano® Pedals-lockring and cup type
Cartridge Bearing Pedal Service-Crank Brothers®

CHAPTER 7 – Cranksets

Crank Removal (three piece cranks)
Crank Removal: Octalink® or ISIS® Drive Spline
Crank Installation—Octalink® or ISIS Drive® Splined
Crank Installation: 3-piece Square Spindle
External Bearing Crankset Systems
Bearing Cup Installation
Crank Installation & Removal of Compression Slotted Arm Cranks: Shimano® & FSA®
Installation & Removal of Shimano® Octalink External Bearing Crank
Installation & Removal of Race Face® X-type Cranks
Campagnolo® & Fulcrum®: Ultra-Torque Crank
Non-Threaded Crankset-BB30 & BB90
Bottom Bracket Bearing System
Bottom Bracket Tool Selection
Cartridge Bottom Brackets
Cartridge Bottom Bracket Removal & Installation
Adjustable Bottom Brackets
Adjustable Bottom Bracket Removal
Adjustable Bottom Bracket Installation
Adjustable Bottom Bracket Adjustment
Chainring Replacement
Chainring Wear & Damage

CHAPTER 8 – Chains

Chain Sizing for Derailleur Bikes
Shimano® Chain with Connecting Rivet
Campagnolo® 10-speed Chain
Chain with “Master-link”
Chain with Reusable Rivets
New Chain Installation on Derailleur Bikes
Tight Link Repair
Chain Sizing and Tension Adjustment: Two-Sprocket Bicycles
Chain Tension-Two Sprocket Bikes without Tension Idler Device
Chain Tension Using Idler Chain Tension Device
Chain Tension: Eccentric Bottom Brackets on Tandem and Single Speeds
Chain Wear and Damage
Chain Cleaning
Chain Lubrication

CHAPTER 9 – Derailleur System

Cable System
Cable Housing Lengths
Cable Lubrication
Shift Levers
Flat Bar Shifters
Twist-Grip Shifters
Above-The-Bar Shifters
Drop Bar Integral Brake & Gear Shifters
Down Tube Shifters
Bar End Shifters
Front Derailler
Derailleur Cable Attachment
Height Adjustment
Height Adjustment
Limit Screw Adjustment
L-limit Screw
H-limit Screw
Index Adjustment-Three Chainring Bikes
Index Adjustment-Two Chainring Bikes
Front Derailleur Performance
Rear Derailleur
Derailleur Capacity & Maximum Sprocket Size
Derailleur Cable Attachment
Limit Screw Adjustment
H-limit Screw
L-limit Screw
B-limit Screw
Index Adjustment
Shimano® “Rapid Rise™” Derailleur—Indexing Adjustment
Derailleur Hanger Alignment & Repair
Derailleur Wear & Service
Troubleshooting Derailleur Systems

CHAPTER 10 – Internal Gear Systems

SRAM® I-Motion
Shimano® Inter-7 or Inter-8 Hub

CHAPTER 11 – Caliper Disc Brake System

Caliper Types
Hydraulic Brake Levers
Hydraulic Disc Calipers
Hydraulic Brake Caliper Alignment
Shimano® Hydraulic Brakes
Magura® Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
Hayes® Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
Avid Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
Avid® Brake Bleeding
Mechanic Disc Calipers
Brake Levers
Caliper Pad Alignment & Clearance
Shimano® Mechanical Disc Calipers.Tektro® Mechanical Disc Calipers.Hayes® Mechanical Disc Calipers
Avid® Mechanical Brake.

CHAPTER 12 – Caliper Rim Brake System

Brake Levers Upright Bar Brake Levers
Drop Bar Brake Levers
Cable System.Cable Lubrication.Cable Housing Length
Caliper Brakes Brake Pads
Vertical Height Alignment
Tangent Alignment
Vertical Face Alignment
Pad Toeing
Cantilever Caliper Adjustment
Linear Pull Caliper Adjustment
Dual Pivot Caliper Adjustment
Side Pull Caliper Adjustment

CHAPTER 13 – Handlebars, Stems, Saddles & Seatposts

Upright Bars
Drop Style Handlebars (Road Bars)
Quill Stems
Threadless Stems
Seat Post

CHAPTER 14 – Headsets

Headset Types
Headset Service
Threadless Headset Service
Threaded Headset Service
Headset Replacement & Installation
Headset Stack Height
Headset Removal
Pressed Headset Installation
Fork Crown Race Installation
Star Nut & Compression Plug Installation
Fork Sizing and Cutting
Unthreaded Steering Columns
Threaded Steering Columns

CHAPTER 15 – Frame and Fork

Head Tube
Top Tube
Down Tube
Seat Tube
Chain Stay
Seat Stay
Bottom bracket shell
Swing arm
Frame Construction and Service
Steel Aluminum

CHAPTER 16 – Suspension

Shocks (Dampers)
Suspension Linkages
Service and Tuning
Spring Preload
Fluid Viscosity
Cyclist Posture
Tire Contact

CHAPTER 17 – On-Ride Repair

Tool Choices
Repair Procedures
Flat Tire
Cut or Ripped Tire
Broken Spoke
Dented Rim
Broken Chains
Chain Suck
Twisted Chain
Squeaky and Noisy Chain
Rear Derailleur Shifting into the Spokes or Frame
Derailleur not Indexing Properly
Broken Derailleur Body, Cage, or Hanger
Missing Derailleur Pulleys
Front Derailleur Cage Bent or Twisted
Crank Falling Off
Pedals Falling Off
Bent Crank
Bottom Bracket Loose or Falling Apart
Broken Derailleur Cable
Broken Brake Cable
Twisted or Bent Handlebars or Stem
Bent Frame or Fork
Bent Saddle or Seat Post

CHAPTER 18 – Bike Wash

Appendix A – Tool List
Appendix B – Glossary
Appendix C – Recommended Torque for Bicycle Components
Appendix D – Bike Map

Park Tool Big Blue Book Reviews

Below are a few of the reviews from Amazon…

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars “The must-have reference for bicycle repair gets better.”
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars “Possibly the most useful tool you can buy.”
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars “Step-by-step instructions for bike maintenance that tell you which tool to use.”
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars “Great over-all ‘fix it’ – ‘understand it’ guide.”

Visit to view the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair.


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  2. I should consider getting this for my Dad! He’s always on his bike yet does encounter problems from time to time.


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