Important Features of a Bike Repair Stand

If you are into cycling then you have likely had to do some minor or major repairs to your bicycle. For those new to bike repairs they will often first try to perform the repairs by just leaning the bike against a wall.

For anyone who has tried this you will know that method is simply useless and you won’t get much accomplished. The bike needs to be held completely steady in order to do adjustments and repairs.

A good bike repair stand can make working on your bike not only a pleasure but also very easy.

As someone who is no stranger to bike repairs I figured out quite quickly that there are a few basic things you need a bicycle repair stand to accomplish:

  • It needs to hold the bike up so that it is completely steady
  • The jaw of the repair stand needs to securely grip the bike without scratching
  • It needs to be adjustable so you can easily work on different parts of the bike at different angles
  • It needs to be portable so that it is easy to store away or travel with

Important Bike Repair Stand Features

    Whether you are using a home-made bike stand or a store bought good quality repair stand the base of the unit needs to offer enough stability that your bicycle won’t fall over while you are working on it. The bigger the base stand the more stable it will be. Typically this will also add more weight to the repair stand but it is worth it to be able to work on a bike of any weight and have no problems.
    The clamp is very important and if it doesn’t work properly the bike repair stand will be useless. Some models have clamps with screws and others are spring-loaded. Having to concern yourself with screws can be a nuisance while trying to make repairs. A cam-type clamp is my favorite and allows you to simply push it over to clamp down or release. It is very easy to use. Clamp pressure needs to be adjustable so that you can change the pressure depending on your needs.
    Most home mechanic bike repair stands will fold up and be easy to store away or take traveling with you. It is nice to be able to take your stand on the road if needed but keep in mind that the lighter the stand the less stable it will be. A bigger, heavier stand will allow more stability and versatility.
    The problem with many home-made bike repair stands is that you often need tools to make the necessary adjustments to the stand. A good store bought repair stand will often be tool-free which is really ideal for making repairs easy and convenient as well as easy to fold up and store away.

Although there are a few respected models on the market, the most popular bike repair stand it seems (and my personal favorite) is the Park Tool PCS-10 Mechanic Bike Repair Stand. If fits all of the above criteria and doesn’t break the pocket book.