Top Handheld GPS Benefits

GPS units of all kinds have become extremely popular in the last several years. No longer do we need to stop and ask for directions or have any idea at all where we are going for that matter.

Whether you are driving, hiking, cycling, boating, kayaking or geocashing there is a GPS device that will suit your needs.

A very popular type of unit is a handheld GPS receiver A handheld can be an extremely versatile unit to own as it can be brought anywhere and used for almost any type of activity.

Top Benefits to Using a Handheld GPS:

Less Expensive – Although prices can vary greatly, as a general rule a handheld GPS will typically cost less than other types. Popular features include:

  • your location display
  • satellite location
  • elevation above sea level
  • signal strength
  • distance traveled
  • set waypoints and record your path
  • navigate routes
  • retrace your steps
  • mapping capabilities

Versatile – A handheld GPS receiver is extremely versatile for all types of activities. Many outdoor enthusiasts love to use a handheld GPS as they are so easy to throw in a pocket or backpack. The smallest units are roughly the size of a cell phone and the larger handhelds the size of a paperback book. They are great for trekking around town, camping, traveling, or any type of outdoor activity.

If you choose you can also purchase a mount to be able to use your handheld GPS in a vehicle as well. For this reason they are truly the most versatile type of GPS device.

Self-Contained – Handheld’s have no external attachments. There are always optional attachments that can be used but a handheld GPS is fully functional all on its own with no outside attachments. This makes them very easy and convenient to use.

My favorite handheld GPS is the Garmin GPSMAP 76 Waterproof Handheld GPS. It is not the top of the line but it offers a lot for a very affordable price. As it is waterproof it can be used for literally any type of activity and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

No matter which handheld GPS receiver you choose, you will find it to be a very valuable accessory to any type of trip or outing.