Importance of a Handheld GPS Carrying Case

A handheld GPS is convenient because it can be brought with you anywhere. It is ideal for any outdoor enthusiast and can even be used in the car, on a bicycle, in a boat or trekking through the mountains.

The one problem with a handheld GPS is that because it is normally being carried everywhere you go, especially on outdoor adventures, it has the possibility of really getting banged around.

To avoid scratches and abrasions it is important to get a good handheld GPS carrying case.

For handheld GPS carrying cases I have two favourites. Which one you use will depend on the model of your GPS unit.

1.  Lowepro Navi Handheld GPS Carrying Case

The first case I will mention is the Lowepro Navi Handheld GPS Carrying Case. Besides being extremely affordable, the quality of this case is excellent. I also use Lowepro cases for both my camera and my camcorder and the cases are top notch and very functional.

The Lowepro Navi carrying case has some great features including:

  • A drawstring and toggle closure that offers easy access to your handheld GPS
  • Stretchy neoprene material that provides soft, cushioned protection
  • Extremely sturdy carabiner that can be used to carry attach the bag to your belt, to your backpack or to a loop or strap
  • Zippered battery pocket that can carry two spare AA-sized batteries
  • Soft interior fabric to protect the GPS screen from dust, scratches and abrasions

This particular carrying case was designed for the Garmin Navi handheld GPS which is a very popular model. The dimensions of the case are 3.5 x 1.8 x 4.9 inches.

2.  Garmin GPSMAP 60 Series Carrying Case

The second carrying case I will mention is the Garmin Carrying Case for the GPSMAP 60 Series. This carrying case will protect your handheld GPS from scratches, dust, abrasions as well as from dropping it.

It has a clear screen panel so you can see your GPS screen easily. Although it is functional in that it allows you to use your handheld device without removing the carrying case, it has been pointed out that the front plastic cover can make using the buttons a little more difficult.

However all in all this carrying case does the job and has an elastic cover with rubber-like material on the sides and top that help to get a good grip on your GPS unit.

Although this carrying case was designed specifically for the Garmin GPSMAP 60 series it will also fit the Garmin GPSMAP 76 waterproof handheld GPS easily as well.

If you own a handheld GPS or are planning to purchase one then I would highly recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting carrying case as well. It is nice to know your GPS device is protected no matter what activity you are doing.