Important Kayaking Accessories

If you are into kayaking or are thinking about trying some paddling trips there are a few key kayaking accessories that will make your trip not only safe but enjoyable as well.

Although there is lots of gear that is optional, the below list is necessary for almost any kayak trip.

Accessories That Every Kayaker Should Own

  • PFD – Wearing a lifejacket can be annoying especially in really hot weather. However it is absolutely essential in order to keep you safe. Every year there are far too many kayaking deaths that could have been avoided had the kayaker been wearing a PFD. Be safe and wear a PFD at all times while in your kayak.
  • Comfortable Seat – I have kayaked too many kayaks that do not have a comfortable seat. Nothing will make your experience more enjoyable that having proper padding for your bum and good back support for your back. If your kayak seat just doesn’t measure up then investing in a good quality comfortable seat is highly recommended. It will allow you to paddle further in far more comfort.
  • Bilge Pump – A bilge pump is a great accessory to have in the kayak if you are kayaking in choppier water. If water gets in your kayak you can easily pump it back out with a bilge pump. Also if you happen to tip and you are faced with having to empty your kayak of a lot of water, a bilge pump could save your life.
  • Dry Bag – All kayaks need a dry bag. A dry bag is where you will store any extra gear that can not get wet such as extra clothes, camera, food, cell phone, car keys, etc. A dry bag will keep your stuff safe and dry.
  • Rope – Not everyone brings rope with them but this can be an important safety accessory. It could be very useful for several reasons such as securing your kayak to shore, helping another kayaker in need, allowing another boat or kayaker to tow you if needed. Rope can be very useful and it is easy to simply keep it stored in your kayak at all times
  • Whistle – A whistle is an important safety accessory that can easily be stored in a pocket of your PFD. If you are ever in trouble and need to catch the attention of others, a whistle could save your day. Always carry a whistle with you.
  • Pump – This is only necessary if you use an inflatable kayak. I have an Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak that pumps up in five minutes. I typically only carry my pump with my on multi-day excursions but it could easily be stored in the kayak for each trip if you wish.

There are lots of other great kayaking accessories that can make your paddling trips more convenient and fun. The few listed above are the ones that I have found to be the most important.

You will likely find that as time goes on you will collect more and more accessories that will help each kayaking trip be safer as well as more enjoyable.