Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit Review

As we here at Gear Reviews Online have become more knowledgeable and passionate about home bike repairs we have realized just how important it is to have the right tools to get the job done properly and efficiently. Consequently we have decided to do yet another Park Tool review (we have become mega Park Tool fans!) as it has become very obvious that if you want … [Read more...]

Best Bicycle Repair Book Ever

Already being a big fan of Park Tool it was a no brainer to check out their instruction guide as well. The Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is a phenomenal guide that will explain in simple and easy terms how to repair just about any part of your bike. It contains step-by-step instructions as well as excellent pictures and diagrams for … [Read more...]

Important Features of a Bike Repair Stand

If you are into cycling then you have likely had to do some minor or major repairs to your bicycle. For those new to bike repairs they will often first try to perform the repairs by just leaning the bike against a wall. For anyone who has tried this you will know that method is simply useless and you won’t get much accomplished. The bike needs to be held completely … [Read more...]

Top 5 Bike Repair Stands

As an avid cyclist I have done a lot of research on bike repair stands. I used to use a home-made version of some of the bike stands listed below. However it became very frustrating to get any real work done on my bike and eventually I knew I had to get a proper bike repair stand that could offer better stability and features. Thankfully I did, as now doing … [Read more...]

Types of Bicycle Repair Stands

No longer do home mechanics have to use make-shift home-made repair stands to do adjustments and repairs to their bicycles. There are several options for good quality and versatile bicycle repair stands and many that come at a very affordable price. Deciding on which type of bicycle repair stand to purchase will depend on your needs. Consider: Where you will … [Read more...]

Park Tool PCS-10 Mechanic Bike Repair Stand Review

I have always loved cycling and for the last couple of years have been doing a fair amount of it with my brother… mostly on trails with a little bit of road biking. Both my brother and I have always done our own repairs but we never had a proper bike repair stand. Up until this point we were using a homemade bicycle repair stand that although we were quite proud of … [Read more...]