Where To Buy Outdoor Gear

Being an outdoor junkie requires you to know where to find the best deals on gear.

Any new adventure requires gadgets and gear and if you’re anything like us you will start to OCD about what gear to get long before your adventure begins.

Below are some of our favorite retailers that we often use ourselves.

We have most often found that we can find the best deals online if you shop around a little.

These online retailers all offer excellent selection, customer service and often have fantastic prices.

Best Online Retailers


Amazon is always worth checking out. More often than not they will have the best price. They sell a lot of everything so their selection tends to be huge.


We just discovered this site this year and can’t believe we didn’t know about them before.

Awesome store, fantastic prices and a very large selection of camping and backpacking gear.

Just bought some fantastic hiking boots from them and can’t wait to review them.


Another favorite, their outdoor gear selection is great. Been around a long time and really know their stuff. Love these guys.


A great source for outdoor clothing and shoes as well as camping, hiking, climbing, biking, paddling, traveling and snowsports gear.

They have everything and often have some great sales.


Smaller store that specializes in paddle sports. Their selection is fantastic and their customer service is even better.

If you love to paddle, you want to check out Outdoorplay.


Most people are familiar with REI, they have outlets all over the US. Their online store is large and they offer a decent selection of outdoor gear.


Mountain Plus gear is another favorite of ours. We have shopped there often and always had good success with their products.

They have a wide variety of outdoor and backpacking gear.


Live in Canada? Everyone knows Mountain Equipment Coop. They are awesome and even though they never have sales their prices are usually decent.