Why Use an Inflatable Kayak?

Many people who enjoy outdoor activities have tried kayaking but would you consider using an inflatable kayak?

For those of us who love to travel, camp, hike and explore new things and new territory an inflatable kayak can be an extremely useful and convenient piece of sports equipment to own.

5 Great Reasons to Own an Inflatable Kayak

  1. Easy to Store Away – Unless you have a decent sized garage it can get difficult to store lots of outdoor equipment. I first considered an inflatable kayak because I lived in a condo and had a lack of storage space. I liked the fact that an inflatable kayak could be deflated and rolled into a bag and then stored in a closet. Very convenient!
  2. Easy to Transport – The other thing I loved about an inflatable kayak is the fact that I could transport it in the trunk of my car. I did not need to concern myself with roof racks and trying to get a hard-shell kayak secure to the top of my car. With an inflatable I just throw the bag into the trunk and off I go.
  3. Quick Set-Up Time – I can honestly say that setting up as well as deflating an inflatable kayak takes no more time than a hard-shell. I have done a fair amount of kayaking in hard-shell kayaks and getting them off the roof of the car, drying them off after kayaking and re-securing them to the roof takes a fair amount of time. Inflating my kayak now takes me five minutes. After my trip I dry it off and deflate. It is really very fast.
  4. Great for Traveling – You could never take a hard-shell kayak across the world with you. However with an inflatable you can usually check them onto an airplane with no problems. If you love to travel, an inflatable kayak is an awesome accessory to bring with you. It allows you to explore different waterways that you may not have been able to experience otherwise.
  5. Affordable – Inflatable kayak prices can vary greatly depending on the quality of the boat. An average priced inflatable however is typically very affordable. There is also next to no upkeep and no expenses to deal with down the road.

Which Inflatable Kayak to Choose

There are a lot of different choices in inflatable kayaks. There are some companies that produce incredibly rugged and high quality boats that with a little care can last a lifetime.

You can choose between solo or tandem kayaks depending on your needs. I chose a solo model that was good quality yet still affordable. The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak has been my ride of choice for the last couple of years. It goes with me everywhere and has been a joy to paddle. I think it is perfect for beginner to novice kayakers who will mostly be kayaking in calm water.

The bottom line is that an inflatable kayak will allow you to get outside more often and enjoy the water as much as you enjoy the land.